Back in 2014, the U.S.A. soccer team’s goalkeeper Tim Howard became a celebrity when he broke the world record for saves in a world cup match with 16 saves against Belgium. A popular meme followed #thingstimhowardcouldsave in which the celebrated player makes crucial saves in major historical catastrophes or embarrassing celebrity fails. Since Howard is gearing towards another international soccer tournament – the 2016 Copa America – we thought about revisiting the popular hashtag with some of the more recent additions collected from Twitter. Enjoy!


If Donald Trump were to lose the presidential race, he could only regret not having Tim Howard around to save him from this embarrassing moment.

twitter @henkiz

Spoiler alert #1: The grand finale of Game of Thrones’ first season could have ended on a different note if only Tim Howard was there to save poor old Ned Stark.

twitter @erickoelma

This one ended without any bloodshed. However, we are sure pro-surfer Mick Fanning would have felt much secure if only Tim Howard was his wingman.


Spoiler Alert #2: No doubt Tim Howard could have saved the ambitious young reporter Zoey Barnes of House of Cards from her unpleasant rendezvous with a subway train.

twitter @John_Koelsch

Surely, Tim Howard could have saved Steve Harvey from announcing the WRONG winner in the 2015 Miss Universe contest.


And in order to wrap things up, we still think this was the best # thingstimhowardcouldsave meme of 2014. Try to top that people!